Return Lost Library Books!

Attention Fossil Ridge Students:

Any students who currently have a library book out on their account that has been marked “Lost” (you’ve had it out for a VERY long time), you have an opportunity to turn it back in and have your name entered in a drawing for a $15 Cane’s Chicken gift card. To turn these books in, do not put them in the normal drop box. You need to hand them directly to Ms. Flynt so she is able to enter your name in the drawing. Books need to be returned by this FRIDAY to be eligible for the Cane’s gift card.

So go home and dig under your bed, in your closet, look around the house and get those books back in the library where they belong! 

Thank you! Ms. Flynt 

Top 10 places to find lost library books:

  1. Between the bed and the wall
  2. Between the bed and the other wall 
  3. Shoved in the back of the bookcase 
  4. Underneath the couch 
  5. The bathroom 
  6. In the car 
  7. Inside the dresser
  8. Under the bed 
  9. At your grandma’s house
  10. In the locker room (if you are an athlete)
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