Congragulations Fossil Ridge Reading Team! First place at the 2022 Battle of the books!!!

A huge congratulations to the Fossil Ridge Reading Team for bringing home the FIRST PLACE TROPHY in this year’s Battle of the Books competition!!!  Team members Elizabeth Hoang, Kenneth Nguyen, Autumn Mosher, Danielle Lipscomb, Vivian Bolden, Arianna Kaine, Daniel Dao, Paige Priddy, Deanne Nguyen, and Ilsia Molina read 10 Young Adult books this year and beat 13 area high school teams without a single loss the entire day! What a sweet victory this was, especially for many of our seniors in their last year to compete! They worked hard studying these books and characters and remembering obscure facts and details to be prepared for any challenging questions that might appear in the trivia rounds. Their hard work paid off! First place feels AMAZING!!! 

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